Promoting Sustainable Development

Astonfield is strongly committed to driving sustainable development in the communities where it operates. Working closely with local communities and local governments, Astonfield is constantly striving to understand the needs and improve the lives of the populations it empowers.

Economic Growth

Crippling energy shortage is one of the largest problems hindering growth in today’s emerging markets. By delivering clean power directly to communities that have been in the dark, Astonfield is helping stimulate economic growth through improved educational opportunities, better healthcare, new local entrepreneurship and increased productivity of farms and small businesses.

Environmental Sustainability

Astonfield is committed to promoting environmental sustainability, providing low or no carbon electricity. Its solar power plants, for example, produce no air emissions, and need virtually no water to run, which is a precious resource in many communities that are without power. Many of Astonfield’s power plants are located on land of marginal use, minimizing potential conflicts over other land use options, like agricultural development. Astonfield was recently awarded the Global Green Award by the U.S. Department of Commerce in recognition for its leadership and success in promoting the scale up of renewable energy solutions in emerging markets such as India.

Astonfield is producing enough clean energy to power 13,000 Indian homes

Biomass plants can increase the income of local farmers by an additional 10%

Waste-to-energy plants reduce waste in landfills by nearly 10,000 tons per MW per year

Solar PV plants create 33 local jobs per MW installed