Astonfield signs contract with Solar Power Distribution Company

Ananda Bazar Patrika 2008-12-14, Kolkata

West Bengal took yet another step towards commercial production of solar power generation. The Power Distribution Company signed a final contract (PPA or Power Purchase Agreement) with Astonfield, as was done with Videocon earlier. According to the contract, the distributor will buy the entire 5 megawatt solar power that will be produced by Astonfield at Bankura. The amount of investment is nearly 100 crore INR.

As per the orders of West Bengal Power Control Commission, by the year 2012, 10% of the total state power supply should come from alternative power sources. Though private companies were producing alternative power, commercial solar power production was of little interest until now. Recently Videocon, Astonfield and Mukesh Ambani?Äôs Reliance, along with others, proposed 450 crore investment to develop 22 megawatts of solar power units in the state.

Astonfield is developing its project site at Hariagara in Bankura. The company has initially started functioning on 20 acres of land. The president of the company, Mr. Ravinder Raina, and Mr. Mriganka Mazumder, the executive director (commercial) of the Power Distribution Company signed the PPA. Mr. Ravinder Raina informed that commercial solar power production would commence from the end of 2009. The company will distribute that power in direct grids. If everything goes smoothly, then this state will be the first one in the country to have households supplied with electricity from solar power.Sourabh Sen, another distinguished executive from the company commented earlier that West Bengal has always been the leader in alternative power sources.