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Astonfield is a leading provider of renewable energy in emerging markets. With solar plants operating across India, Astonfield is delivering affordable clean energy solutions tailored to the unique needs of local communities. Committed to addressing the challenges of sustainable development in emerging markets, Astonfield partners closely with local governments to shape renewable energy markets and drive economic growth.
Led by a world-class management team with extensive experience in execution of power projects in emerging markets, Astonfield brings a unique combination of global expertise and deep local knowledge to ensure seamless project implementation. By partnering with top tier global technical providers, Astonfield delivers the world’s most cost competitive and affordable clean energy technologies to its customers across emerging markets.

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Selected Plants

Bankura - West Bengal
5MW Solar PV

10MW Solar PV

Andhra Pradesh
2MW Solar PV

Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu
100kW Ground-mounted Solar Hybrid System

303kW Solar PV

La Gaulette - Mauritius
2MW - Solar PV

Union Flacq - Mauritius
2MW - Solar PV